Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday - Holiday party with MOMS Club

Party food
Brownie Bourbon Balls (Our contribution to the affair)
Tonight was T's first Christmas party. He's 17 months old and found the holiday hub-bub a bit overwhelming at first, but after a good dinner of party food, he was ready to roam around shrieking with the best of them. It is a minor miracle to watch him generally and watching him stride off into a room full of people he barely knows is a joy to behold.

We made an easy Brownie Bourbon Ball recipe that turned out to be about as good as it was hard to make them - not very. I am still questing for a signature dessert that is 1) Easy to prepare, 2) Festive, 3) Fail proof, and 4) Fabulous for the holidays. Ideas?

Note: M ate the one remaining ball once we got home and decided that they were pretty good, and could be excellent if the brownies were cakier (we'll add an egg).

J: "Not worth it."
M: "Too fudgy -- worth another shot???"

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