Friday, December 14, 2007


Indian masala burgers (Trader Joe's)
Broccoli slaw

Hot tea
Well, we were supposed to go out for drinks with friends tonight (had a sitter lined up and everything) and so we needed a SUPER fast dinner. Drinks have been canceled, but dinner is already bought. Similar to my tuna with red curry, this is another amazing prepared item from Trader Joe's. I'm so sorry for all of you who don't have one locally. Write to them and tell them to come to you! Masala burgers are a potato based patty with other roasted vegetables (carrots, green beans, corn, etc) and Indian spices, preformed and frozen, requiring only a brief time on the grill or in a skillet to be wonderful. They are low cal and low sodium, but HIGH taste! What a great deal!

Prep Notes
Difficulty: Easy
Chopping: Broccoli
Time: 15 minutes
Make ahead: Trader Joe's makes these ahead for you! You can shred the broccoli ahead, but dress last minute.

J: "How can frozen potato patties taste this good?"
M: "Trader Joe is God."

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