Monday, November 5, 2007

Yes, it's that time again. Another five years have come and gone and the farm bill is up for debate. A barely changed version of the bill has already passed through the House, continuing policies that keep high fructose corn syrup and meat artificially cheap, while keeping the cost of produce out of reach for many families. The same sort of bill is about to be debated on the Senate floor. The bill that has come out of committee is equally as bleak as the House version. BUT, there may be hope. A glimmer, but some. Here's the last paragraph of Michael Pollan's piece from today's NY Times:

"In the past that [agrobusiness] alliance could have passed a farm bill like this one without breaking a sweat. But the politics of food have changed, and probably for good. If the eaters and all the other “people on the outside” make themselves heard, we just might end up with something that looks less like a farm bill and more like the food bill a poorly fed America so badly needs."

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