Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday - Delivery from Ali Baba

Greek salad
Ali Baba Platter
Vegetarian Platter

Mint tea
Yes, tonight was our weekly chance to eat out or take in food cooked by someone else. In this case, yummy food delivered by Ali Baba in Ann Arbor. Ali Baba is excellent for two reasons. 1) The food is excellent and 2) Delivery makes everything better after a long day. This was our first time getting food from Ali Baba ourselves (M has had catering from there at a couple work events) and we ordered WAY too much. That's sitting well with us though because the leftovers will keep us in lunches for a couple days. T is also, unknowingly, preparing for a feast!

Prep Notes
I think we can safely say, "Super easy".

J: "This is my kind of take out."
M: "Open sesame."

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