Saturday, November 17, 2007

If you've been keeping track of our meals, you know from Thursday's that we will be dining with a vegetarian friend this Thanksgiving. A lot of people I mention this to look stricken and say something along the lines of, "What will she eat?" To be honest, other than the turkey and the gravy, she will eat everything we make. Thanksgiving at our house isn't a very meaty affair (though M did consider draping the turkey in bacon this year!) and there will be lots of side dish options that she will enjoy. That said, no matter how much you love the trimmings, sides don't make a meal. Thus, we will be having a lovely cream of parsnip soup (already made and ready to defrost!) as the centerpiece for her dinner and the start to ours. Last week the NY Times had a great take on the dual purpose dish for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone is looking forward to a tasty Thanksgiving - we just did our shopping today, and everyone in our house is pretty excited.

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