Saturday, November 3, 2007

Here's a good thing to know: the easiest way to warm plates (if you don't have to do many) is to microwave them for 1.5 - 2 minutes. It gets the plates nice and hot with virtually no effort. Why does one care if their plate is hot (yes, I hear you asking)? Because it keeps your food warm - a major issue in our drafty house during the fall and winter. Eating cold food when you are still hungry is disappointing at best and no one wants to get up once they've finally sat down at the table to re-warm their food. So, a lot of people eat food that isn't hot. Microwave your plate - it's a luxury you have time for :)


Lisa said...

Some hand-thrown pottery will explode if microwaved for too long. :) We can nuke ours for 30 sec or so but were cautioned to not use them in high powered microwaves for more than a minute. Since it's water molecules vibrating that causes the heating, it makes sense that the higher pressure caused by water --> steam might be a problem for weaker or well glazed items.

J said...

Lisa is totally correct - this only works if you have cheap stoneware like us :)