Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some of you know that I have more than a passing interest in environmental issues, BUT I also understand that lifestyle choices need to be practical. Here's a neat article M sent me from the NY Times about how switching from conventional to organic versions of five foods can dramatically increase the amount of organic food the average American family eats. Sadly, we eat very few potatoes and almost no ketchup or peanut butter. Maybe as T ages?

Update: After reading this, a friend emailed me that she and her family had enjoyed making many of these changes, but that they had a hard time with organic peanut butters. We don't eat much peanut butter, but I remembered reading an article rating various natural peanut butters. Let me know if you agree with the article or have other favorite brands. As T gets older, I expect our peanut butter consumption may increase.


Satya said...

I eat smooth unsalted peanut butter fresh ground from my food coop. They have a lovely machine that lets you grind it into your own container. This last time I learned the hard way that you have to use a glass jar (not a flimsy plastic tub)otherwise it drys out. To be honest, I don't know if the peanuts are organic - but given my coop, I bet they are.

Marie said...

Trader Joe's organic peanut butter is tasty, reasonably priced, doesn't separate, and comes in smooth or crunchy!